So, whats’s the secret?

It’s not about what you sell, it’s about how you sell it. That’s it. The conversations had over that counter led to more time in the shop, and as they say – the rest is history. Life has sure changed significantly since then, but one thing has remained – storytelling. At the heart of human relationships is this very simple act of communication.

I live in sunny South Africa with my husband, needy German Shepherd, and a digging Labrador, but don’t let the GMT+2 be a deterrent – I work with brands all over the world!

Let’s get some coffee and chat about how we can bring your story to life…and keep it there.

It's about SO much more than just marketing.

We understand to the core what it means to give a business everything you have. This is the Scotch & Tell story. It’s the meeting place of an entrepreneurial heart and a creative, marketing spirit. We understand deeply the sacrifices and commitments businesses make, this is why we partner with you to create work that supports your business in every area. Our work is holistic and honest, and when we’re finished with one thing, we bring it to the family table and discuss what we can do next.

We’re not here to do the bare minimum or limit ourselves to a scope, we’re here to help you build a brand, and journey with you while you continue sharing your story. We’re firm believers that we were not meant to do it alone – for so many reasons, it takes a village.

Things we value:


From the weight of a line to the texture of a postcard, every detail is carefully considered throughout your project with us.


We work on an all-to-know basis. It is this philosophy that keeps you in full control of your project – from the timeline and deadline to the deliverables and launch dates.


From the moment we start working with you we become your biggest partner and greatest advocate.

“Where do I start?"

At the very beginning, is what we always say! But that can look different for everyone. So we’ve simplified things, and given you three different starting points: The Foundation, The Scaffolding, or The Big Build. Knowing the starting point can be helpful in determining the cost and duration of your project.


We also know that sometimes these basic building blocks of your brand might already be there… all you are really needing is a little brand tlc.


Touchpoint Refinement


Lead Generation




Can I break up my “building blocks” and build them over time?

Yes. Because we know how things can get, you can absolutely come to us in small doses to slowly create that which is the creative foundation of your brand. We are obviously going to always say that it is best to build consecutively, but we will work around the needs of your business.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We understand that business looks different for everyone. For once off projects, we ask for a 50% deposit payment up front to secure your spot in the studio. Remainder of the payment is due before the project is handed over. If, however, you choose a retainer service with us, we invoice at the beginning of every month.

Do I have unlimited changes to the final project?

If for some reason after two reverts you are still wanting to make changes to the final deliverables, we will continue the changes at the current hourly rate. However, before starting any project, we go through an in-depth questionnaire and briefing process to ensure that we are on the same page throughout the project!

Will you be maintaining my website after the launch?

Yes, we can! This would involve a monthly management fee and would be billed at the start of every month.