• Our focus is on the foundation


    Branding that tells a story. aligns. inspires. communicates. remains consistent. you love.

    The Building Blocks


    Intuitive, strategic design and storytelling is where we believe every brand should start. This is why our approach to everything ‘brand’ (from the foundation right through to your most effective touch point) starts (and, in fact, ends) with storytelling. This is the key to connection. This is the key to impact.


    It is vital to go into every project knowing two things: vision and goals. This is done during an initial consult and brainstorm and can be in person or online. This is where your story starts to come to life.


    Once we know the vision, we start to build the foundation. The building blocks to your brand. This includes everything that represents your brand. This is where your story starts to make sense.


    Once we have the foundation, we start to roll them out – from website and social media, to email marketing and branded folders. This is where your story connects and makes an impact.

    Hello! I’m Jodi, Founder and Creative Director of Scotch & Tell.

    From as young as I can remember, business was a talking point around our family table. I remember as a child standing behind my grandfather’s shop counter punching numbers into the till for all the groceries his customers were taking home. It was an analog way of life, but it was lived well. Often with a handful of chappies and fizzpops.

    It was at this very counter that I learnt the secret to business.

    it's the little things that make the big things happen.